New high capacity deep-water connector

New high capacity deep-water connector:

CRE’s engineering team have been very industrious over the past few months. Latest addition to the product range – a new all metal shell 75 ohm coax electrical hybrid size ‘M’ shell. This is already of interest to the manufacturers and users of underwater HD cameras and high definition sonar devices.

The connector features a high integrity dual o-ring sealing system and is secured with a metal key way for positive alignment and over torque protection. The connector is available for both moulded or oil filled cable assemblies.

The new 75ohm coax hybrid connector is complemented by a new range of 7000m depth qualified cables, bulkhead and connectors open face are rated to 6000m.

Technical specification:

  • Signal tested to 1080p 60 htz quality
  • Single 75 ohm coax with 6 electrical contacts
  • Bulkheads available as FCR and BCR with a range of standard industry interfaces
  • Bulkheads available as in line or low profile R/A options to optimise camera cable runs