CR Encapsulation

ABOUT US: Since 2002 CRE has provided a service to support its client’s operations in one of the planet’s most demanding environments – the deep ocean.

We are a company that supports an industry that expects products to be manufactured to short delivery schedules without any compromise on quality. We recognise that reliability and performance of our product is essential for our customers to deliver their service.

Our customer support team is dedicated to listening and understanding our customers’ requirements and continually improving our products and service through innovative engineering and flexible manufacturing.

Our manufacturing and quality systems are based on best industry practice focussed on the delivery of:

  • Product design and development.

  • A full range of associated specialist moulding skills.

  • Electrical, fibre-optic and hybrid connector design and manufacture.

  • Manufacturing of P.U. glands and bushes.

  • Connector harness manufacture and test using CRE/OEM connectors to suit customer requirements.

  • Water/oil block splicing.

  • Electrical, fibre-optic and hybrid penetrator design and manufacture.

  • On-site inspection and termination.

  • Fibre-optic installation and testing.

  • Third party inspection.

  • Cable assembly inspection.


The company’s commitment to deliver this service is demonstrated by our significant inventory of industry standard connectors and cable that we maintain to support fast track delivery.


PEOPLE: Our people are the heart of our success, they combine know-how and technical skills with a relentless focus on our clients’ requirements.

We take great pride in the ability of our workforce to deliver a wide range of products against tight deadlines.

Our training program ensures that employees fully understand every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish. This results in a highly flexible, loyal workforce that can be structured on a daily basis to meet the workflow within the business.

We believe that the sharing of the decades of knowledge and experience that exists in the business today has created a dynamic, innovative and passionate team that is truly customer focused.

cables and connectors

FACILITIES: CRE is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and we support our international and local customers through 250 direct flights weekly to and from international hub airports of Heathrow, Schipol, Charles De Gaulle and Frankfurt in conjunction with well established sea and road options.

Our facilities support all the design, assembly and test activities for the business with dedicated areas for :

• Electrical and fibre optic connector manufacture.

• Cable harness termination and test.

• Moulding.

• Throughout the manufacturing process there are multiple quality

   checks to ensure the finished product is manufactured correctly.

• We have a highly integrated business with the management, sales, engineering and manufacturing all operating as a single unit from

   one facility.

• We have the capacity to increase production levels and to undertake one-off project related activities on the same site.


QUALITY: We have an outstanding reputation for quality and on-time delivery. As we control all of our key processes in-house, we are able to offer a level of quality assurance and reliable deliveries that our competition simply cannot.

CRE have regular performance reviews with all our top customers to receive feedback on our performance in the field and against delivery targets.

ASSURANCE: Our clients' reputations are based on performance. We ensure that every component that leaves our facility will exceed their expectations.

COMMITMENT: The culture at CRE of right first time, every time is embedded in our staff. They take immense pride in the quality of our products and service and are committed to continuous improvement through the design and manufacturing processes.

CERTIFICATION: CRE is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018. A copy of certificate can be found on the Certifcates page.