Cable Products and Service

The marine industry faces fresh challenges as operating water depths increase and bandwidth and improved signal performance becomes even more critical. CRE designs, qualifies and stocks an extensive range of specialised Signal, Electrical, Fibre Optic and Hybrid moulded cables suitable for use underwater and in harsh environments. We are experienced in the manufacture & testing of cable assemblies using CRE’s design of metal shell connectors or standard connectors from a wide range of suppliers. We consistently maintain high inventory levels in order to provide a fast track delivery service for our customers; typically we stock over 40,000m of cable covering a diverse range of cable types for different applications.

Design and manufacturing

Our extensive knowledge of materials and application engineering enable us to manufacture high quality and reliable products, ideally suited for specific situations. High grade materials such as polyurethane are used during manufacture to produce cables with superior abrasion resistance, strength and flexibility.

We design multi element cables containing a wide variety of cable types delivering tested signal performance at depths up to 7000m. Often projects require one-off special cables - we can design and deliver such cables with no MOQ on short lead times.

Stock Cable Designs

CRE stock cables offering the following functionality -

  • Fibre optic cables – SM & MM rated to 6000m WD
  • Ethernet, 1 Gigabyte rated to 7000m WD
  • Co-ax cables, rated to 1080p/60Hz to 7000m WD
  • RS232 cables, rated to 115 kbps to 7000m WD
  • Armoured cable
  • Armarid/Kevlar fibre strain cables
  • Halogen free custom cables
  • Buoyant cables
  • Diver communication cables
  • Composite/Hybrid cables

Qualification and performance testing

Verification performance of the finished cable assembly can be undertaken to confirm performance meets customer expectations. We can offer hyperbaric, hyperbaric/signal performance with coax, Ethernet, RS 232 testing along with standard continuity and HV AC/DC insulation testing. Off-site we can offer load testing of strain / umbilical assemblies and we have experience of working with all the main certifying authorities.

Cables Specification Chart:

Technical Specification PDF data sheets: please click on the chart below to view pdf files


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