Encapsulation Services

CRE designs, qualifies and stocks an extensive range of specialised Signal, Electrical, Fibre Optic and Hybrid moulded cables suitable for use underwater and in harsh environments. We are experienced in the manufacture & testing of cable assemblies using CRE’s design of metal shell connectors or standard connectors from a wide range of suppliers..

Termination & encapsulation

Reliable termination design and testing is critical both for installation and during the lifetime of marine equipment from the splash zone to 7000m WD. CRE offers a wide range of specialist termination, moulding and encapsulation services for marine applications:-

  • Cable / connector termination
  • Umbilical termination
  • Strain termination
  • Umbilical oil / water blocks
  • Splice / multiple breakouts
  • Oil filled hose variants of industry standard dry mate connectors
  • Moulded junction boxes
  • Encapsulation of PCB boards, sensors / indicators
  • Depth indicators / cable tags
  • On site termination & moulding
  • Bend restrictors

Manufacturing capability

CRE maintains significant stock levels of standard industry components from all the main manufacturers of dry mate connectors. We hold of over 40,000m of cable covering a diverse range of cable types for different applications to ensure that we can meet your needs. Our fast track delivery service is supported by several hundred mould tools and thousands of custom inserts to give the flexibility required by the high level of diversity experienced in operations.

Qualification and performance testing

Verification performance of the finished assembly can be undertaken to confirm performance meets customer expectations. We can offer hyperbaric, hyperbaric/signal performance with coax, Ethernet, RS 232 testing along with standard continuity and HV AC/DC insulation testing. Off-site we can offer load testing of strain / umbilical assemblies and we have experience of working with all the main certifying authorities.