CRE cables

CRE supports Triton by developing a new series of DNV qualified connectors, penetrators and custom cable assemblies for their range of submersible vehicles.

Triton Submarines manufacture yacht-based manned submersibles, which feature cutting-edge designs, simplicity of operation, reliability, ease of maintenance and superlative safety. With more than 350 years of collective experience, and operations ranging from Antarctica to the Tropics, the team at Triton form one of the most knowledgeable pools of civil submersible expertise on the planet.

Tritons range of 1 atmosphere underwater vehicles are used for leisure, scientific, film & archaeological research. These vehicles are designed around a transparent acrylic pressure hull which provides the submersible’s passengers with an unsurpassed field of view during the dive.

Robin Mair, Managing Director of CRE stated “We were delighted to be given the opportunity to support Triton on this project. The new products were designed, manufactured and went through an intensive Type testing program followed by the manufacturing and Routine testing which was all witnessed by DNV GL.

The entire process took less than 7 weeks from the receipt of the P.O. to the shipment of all the penetrators, bulkheads and cable assemblies. It was a great example of how CRE can manage fast track delivery of new, fully qualified, products to tight delivery deadlines.”