CRE cables

CRE would like to congratulate the Five-Deeps team on their recent successful manned dive on the Puerto Rico trench to a depth of 8375m

CRE supported the project by developing a new series of DNV qualified penetrators and custom cable assemblies designed to operate in up to 11,000 meters of seawater for their Five Deeps Expedition.

The Five Deeps Expedition is a collaboration between investor and explorer Victor Vescovo of Caladan Oceanic, Triton Submarines and EYOS Expeditions.

The Five Deeps Expedition is launching as the first global ocean journey to send a manned submersible vessel farther and deeper than any in history, the company said.

A two-person deep sea research submersible, named the Limiting Factor, has been designed specifically for this endeavour.

It will be transported and deployed into the ocean depths by the Pressure Drop, a ship retrofitted for the expedition.

The mission includes dives to the Puerto Rico Trench (Atlantic Ocean 8,408 meters), the South Sandwich Trench (Southern Ocean 8,183 meters), the Java Trench (Indian Ocean 7,290 meters), the Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep (Pacific Ocean 10,925 meters), and the Molloy Deep (Artic Ocean 5,573 meters).

Robin Mair, Managing Director of CRE stated “We were delighted and excited to be given the opportunity to support Triton on this project. The new products were designed, manufactured and went through an intensive Type testing program followed by the manufacturing and Routine testing which was all witnessed by DNV GL.”

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