CRE cables

CRE supports EFC Group to deliver Well Control Systems for a number of international customers.

Well Control is a technique applied in drilling, workover & well completion. Through the maintenance of fluid and hydrostatic pressure, the aim is to prevent the influx of formation fluids into the wellbore. It is critical to operations for the right data to be reliably captured & presented during operations in an effective manner to facilitate efficient control of the situation.

The Well Control package consists of a number of sensors, indicators and controllers that are connected initially around the drilling BOP with a number of cables assemblies and junction boxes via an umbilical to surface and then to HMI positioned on the rig floor.

To support and deliver the system, CRE designed, manufactured and qualified a field installable connector product, custom junction boxes and a number of bespoke cable designs to suit the drilling application.

Robin Mair, Managing Director of CRE stated “We were delighted to have the opportunity to work on this project with the EFC Group. The increased focus on monitoring and managing the pressure in the riser during all well operations allowed our business to step into a new market segment. Our reliable, depth proven products and the ability to develop fast track solutions were key to our ability to deliver in this new market segment.”