CRE cables on drill support and vessel based ROV for world’s deepest well by water depth

CRE supports Seatronics, an Acteon company, to upgrade the Predator II ROV connectors with our new Low Profile connector range.

Seatronics Predator ROV is an innovative, compact, portable Inspection-Class Remotely Operated Vehicle suitable for most shallow water (up to 300 Metres) observation and surveying operations.

The ROV uses the latest technology for maximum operating efficiency in marine operations. Reliability has always been foremost in the development of the ROV package and with the inclusion of a network control system and a comprehensive diagnostics system, the functional design will assure continuous performance in all operations.

Added to this efficient control system, all vehicle functions are monitored by high capability diagnostic electronics - diagnostics generally found in more costly work-class ROVs, which will identify fault sectors that may be problematic, without loss of control to the ROV.

Craig Simpson, Founder Director of CRE stated “We have a long standing relationship with Seatronics and this was a great opportunity to build upon that relationship. The new low profile range of bulkheads were required due to the space available between the control pods and the buoyancy on the vehicle. These were delivered with custom ethernet wiring matching the umbilical specification delivering the required operational performance”