CRE’s in-house engineering department combines decades of experience to create the most cutting edge, high performance products in the industry. Our engineers adopt an innovative approach to deliver elegant solutions for our customers’ unique requirements quickly and efficiently. The team leverages from its extensive base of established connector designs to launch a wider and more challenging range of complex applications. Utilising state-of-the-art 3D modelling software we can provide bespoke solutions for our customers.

CRE’s engineering team is committed to improving quality, response times and providing solutions to the ever increasing challenges and demands that connector systems currently, and are likely to, encounter. Our extensive knowledge of ROV systems results in our customers considering our engineering team as their ‘first port of call’ when designing cable and connector systems.

CRE engineers have the expertise and agility to continually adapt existing products to precise applications and specifications. Working in partnership with our customers on joint design and development enables CRE to rapidly provide optimised application specific solutions. From concept through to delivery we strive to exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

CRE can design and test one-off full termination and associated mouldings. We are equipped to offer these services at our customers’ locations and can respond to such customer requests at short notice.

Development deliveries:

• Electrical penetrators

• Strain terminations

• Junction boxes

• Pressure housings

• Wiring of SEM's

• Sub-Assembly looms

• Cable assembly inspection.