Connectors: CRE all metal shell connectors have a high integrity sealing arrangement. They are designed for extremely heavy-duty use and are trusted in the most rigorous underwater applications on the planet. Made of 316 stainless steel or custom built with any material specified, they come as standard with high open face pressure resistance. These robust and versatile connectors are rated to 4 – 6,000m and are designed for use with solid or oil filled cables and tailored for the heaviest power, signal and electro-mechanical applications.

Penetrators: CRE have a well-established and qualified range of dive bell and decompression chamber penetrators. Our fully blocked penetrators are available as electrical and electrical/optical variants with both single mode and multimode fibres. We can offer a wide variety of metal body mounting options as standard including NPT, UNF, flanged, smooth bore and other options on request. All penetrators can be terminated with custom tail lengths and end connections to suit requirements. Outboard connections are also terminated to suit customer specifications with defined cable length with compatible moulding and terminations to suit the application. All penetrators are of the fully pressure blocked design, assuring a leak tight system.

Junction Boxes: CRE can offer a number of high integrity dry and pressure compensated junction box designs for manufacturing cable harness assemblies. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, the junction box design is flexible and can easily be modified to reflect your custom requirements.

Termination: Reliable termination design and testing is critical both for installation and during the lifetime of subsea cables and umbilicals. At CRE we manufacture complete mechanical assemblies with electrical, optical, hydraulic and hybrid connectors with water block, strain terminations, and bend restrictors. The manufacturing QC process verifies the performance of each harness during each manufacturing process to ensure the finished product meets the client’s specification.

Cables: CRE stocks a range of cables suitable for use underwater and in harsh environments. High grade materials such as polyurethane are used during manufacture to produce cables with superior abrasion resistance, flexibility and reliability.