Reliable termination design and testing is critical both for installation and during the lifetime of subsea cables and umbilicals.

At CRE we manufacture complete mechanical assemblies with electrical, optical, hydraulic and hybrid connectors with water block, strain terminations and bend restrictors.

The manufacturing QC process verifies the performance of each harness during each manufacturing process to ensure the finished product meets the client’s specification.

Fibre-optic services include full termination and testing.

• Certified to City and Guilds 3466.

We are also fully equipped and trained to deal with:

• Optical fibre installation including testing of single mode

   and mulitmode systems.

• Termination of ST, SC, SFF, Duplex, FC/PC, E2000,

   MT/MPO, LC, AMP light crimp and SMA connections.

• Termination of fibre sizes 8/125 [Single-mode] 50/125 and

   62.5/125 [both multimode].

• Fusion splicing in single and multimode.